We baby boomers do not want to look old


The question is: what can we do to slow down or back up the aging process?

Good skin care is a good start. However for most of us that is just not quite enough.

There are so many choices. Let me try to make some sense out of it for you.


A Face Lift is one option, but it is an invasive surgery with the risks of; anesthesia,
possible infection, slow healing with considerable down time; it is rather expensive
and painful.


Laser Resurfacing is a controlled injury to the skin causing the fibro-blasts in the skin
to produce more collagen resulting in smoother younger looking skin.
However, this process has at least a week of down time and is also painful.
Over processing can leave permanent scaring. Hypo or hyper pigmentation can occur.
There is usually a pigmentation difference between the face and the neck because
the neck does not respond well to the laser beam.


Hollywood is full of Botox (a form of botulism), which paralyzes the muscles so
the patient can't make frown lines or furrows in the forehead.
In other words after this treatment the patient can't muster up an expression.


In my opinion there are other less invasive and less expensive treatment options.

The following treatments are Non Surgical and have no recovery time.


Massaging Light Therapy utilizes the amazing benefits of Diode Light to restore the
skin's natural cellular activity to reduce: wrinkles, lines, folds, coarse skin and
enlarged pores. It is like getting the healthy parts of sunlight without any of the
harmful rays. The procedure is administered over a 4 to 6 week period in a series of
4 to 6 treatments lasting less than 45 minutes each. There is no recovery time and
treatments provide a gradual, natural improvement from the first session.


Micro Current Therapy uses micro amps (millionth of an amp) which stimulates the muscles
to tighten and firm the skin. The treatment is very relaxing and administered over a
4 to 6 week period, 2 to 3 per week, in a series of 10 to 12 sessions lasting about an hour.


AHA Skin Care Treatment uses Alpha Hydroxy Acids to exfoliate the dead dry surface skin cells,
leaving the skin smoother younger and glowing.


Of course a good Sun Screen is a must. Sun damage is the worst enemy to youthful skin.

Did you know you can get substantial harmful UV rays through your car window glass?



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