Coffee Is Our Life. Dave has been sourcing, buying,
roasting and blending specialty coffees for over
16 years. He has often been discouraged with the
direction the specialty coffee industry has taken
over the past several years. At Dawson Taylor
Coffee roasters we feel that, too often, the
intricate nuances of fine, fresh-roasted coffee
have fallen by the wayside as commercial
interests and the lust for fast-paced growth have
come to dominate the business. Dawson Taylor
Coffee Roasters was started in 1995 to help put
the "special" back in specialty coffee.

Our goal is to restore the concept of "fresh
roasted." In our opinion, "fresh roasted" refers
to the duration of time from the moment of
roasting, not the time the bag was opened.
We proudly utilize traditional European-style
drum roasters, and strongly believe this hands-on
method ensures that our coffee can be crafted
to perfection, resulting in maximum flavor
potential. We roast our coffees daily and deliver
or ship within 24 hours, so what we sell is truly
fresh roasted.

We buy green coffees directly from the farmer as
often as possible. Personal relationships with,
and visits to the farms ensure the quality and
availability from year to year. The environmental
and social concerns about coffee-growing
regions are significant, and these concerns are
of paramount importance to Dawson Taylor
Coffee Roasters.

We know that like fine wine, great coffee can
provide a virtually limitless flavor experience,
and it is our intent to bring that level of quality
to our customers via a true artisan coffee
experience, with attention to grinding,
brewing and serving coffee to precise standards.

We invite you to join with us on our journey to
reveal the essences of specialty coffee and the
exquisite culinary experiences it can evoke. We
trust that you will be completely satisfied should
you select Dawson Taylor as your coffee roaster.