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Couple's Heart
Our special Couple's Heart next to a link means this is an exceptional place
to do business and we Highly Recommend them and use them ourselves.

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Couples' Heart

Couples' Heart Nature's FlavorsCouples' Heart


Click a Ring to visit Winfield's Jewelry

Winfield's JewelryCouples' Heart

Michael's ring from Winfield's Sandi's ring from Winfield's



Click WAPITI to visit the Best River Guides.

- Ask about your 10% referral discount
by mentioning Mike & Sandi or
All About Fun Balloon Rides.

WAPITI River Guides Couples' Heart


   Call Toll Free: 1 - 800 - 488 - 9872

Message To The Native Americans

Letter to Fellow Lovers Of Souls

Couple's HeartThe Father's Heart for YOU !!!

Check out the PICTURES from The Father's Heart Ministry.

A ministry based on communicating God's Heart to the people.
A ministry of Hope to the Native American people.
Join and Support our friends Steve and Debbie as they walk
the Cross in towns and reservations with the message of Hope.



Flying Pie PizzaClick the FLYING PIE for
the Best Pizza place in Boise.

The Best VALUE for your money.

- We love their "all you can eat"
Gourmet Tuesday Nights.

And their website has Free Internet Email accounts.

The picture below is randomly selected.
Flying Pie customers submit these works of art to
express their feelings about the greatest pizza in Boise.

Couple's Heart




Great Harvest BreadCouple's Heart

Click Great Harvest logo for more information
about the Best Bread in Boise!!!

Great Harvest Bread
5608 Fairview Avenue
Boise, ID  83706
Map It!



Signs InkCouple's Heart

Click Picture for more information
about Signs Ink in Boise!!!

Signs Ink
2943 Chinden Blvd.
Boise, ID  83714
Map It!


For your Coffee


try the following


Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters
216 W. 38th St., Suite A, Boise, ID 83714

Dawson's Downtown Coffee House
219 N. 8th St., Boise, ID 83702

Dawson's Drive Thru on Milwaukee
8205 W. Rifleman Rd. Boise, ID 83705

Dawson's Drive Thru on Chinden
4925 Glenwood St., Boise, ID 83714

Dawson's Drive Thru on State
4213 W. State St., Boise, ID 83704

    Coffee Is Our Life

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AVIATION TOP 100 - www.avitop.com Avitop.com

Click Aviation Top 100 for all kinds of Aviation information
for all kinds of flying.


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