Hello, I am Michael Lee, owner
of Electronic Repair Professionals,
more commonly known as eFixPro.
I am an Electronic Technician with
over 30 years of experience repairing
electronic equipment and working with
customers solving technical issues.

Back in 1979 I began to work for the
Hewlett Packard company and was soon
troubleshooting, repairing and calibrating
a wide variety of electronic equipment.

My experience includes Scientific Measurement Instruments, Circuit Board Testers,
Mainframe Computers, Controllers, PC's, Laptops, Servers, Hard Drive Arrays
and Printers of all types.

My Laser Printer experienced started in the early 1980's supporting and repairing HP's
earliest laser printer, a computer data center laser printer the size of a large freezer
on it's side. Since then I have worked on virtually every model of LaserJet made,
especially the high-end models, Color LaserJets and HP's MFP Color Printer_Copiers.

I also repair Dot Matrix Impact, InkJet and Thermal printers as well as Large Plotters.

Most of my customer experience has been working with multiple customers at the same time.

Whether as an Advanced Technical Support engineer for the high-end LaserJets and
Color LaserJets; a Technical Account Manager for HP's Top 100 Customer Companies or
a Technical Representative for vendors interfacing LaserJets into IBM's twin-ax AFP networks,
I keep my focus on satisfying all my customers. This is very important to me.

Within a single issue there are many viewpoints; HP Technical Marketing, HP Lab Engineers,
HP Call Center, the end-user Customer, the Customer Company, the HP Reseller, Third Party
solution providers, Paper Manufacturers, Parts Vendors and also counseling and instructing
Technicians at the bench or in the field.

Quality has been defined as matching the customer's expectation.

For me, Quality is Exceeding the customer's expectation. A repair should not have to be
re-repaired again later. I fix it right the first time; the correct parts, real HP toner
cartridges and maintenance kits.

And regarding Print Quality issues. The printer can be in tip-top shape but still have
flawed output. There are many other factors involved like various paper characteristics,
static electricity, temperature, humidity, dust, software applications, PCL versions,
PCL vs PostScript and paper handling.

I have resolved many print quality issues both in Monochrome and Color.

I believe in customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Michael Lee
4725 Windward Court
Boise, Idaho 83714

(208) 713-1173


See the eFixPro Brochure PDF file.

Download the eFixPro Client Brochure (363kb) PDF - Boise, ID

See the eFixPro Brochure PDF file.

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