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Losing Weight - How I lost over 140 lbs -

When my weight got up to 375 pounds, I made a decision.
An active decision to be different than I was.
To be a person with a healthy body.

This meant I began to eat as a healthy body.
I finally acted upon all the information I had read about on health and dieting.
I began to apply what I had learned over the years from all those books and articles.

I began a two-fold process. First, eat for that healthy body.
And Second, help the body get rid of the excess fat it was storing.

When I began the first step, eating for health, this also started the second process of
losing the stored fat, and to accelerate the fat loss I added some food supplements.

My basic process to Eat for Health is to:
1) Eat more, and eat more often.
2) Eat less sugar, fat and starches.
3) Have more protein with each meal and lots of water (preferably filtered).
4) Daily take quality multi-vitamin and multi-mineral nutritional supplements.


Here is an article I recently found that describes how this process takes place.
This is very close to my understanding and personal experiences.
And this article also has excellent references.

Boise Co-op Vitamin Newsletter Article

  Click here for The Boise Co-op Article - Blood Sugar Balance


If you want to duplicate my success for healthy weight loss,
Click here get your FREE information on how to get started.
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Calcium, Calcium, Calcium; everyone is talking about CALCIUM !

Seriously, this is the BEST Calcium supplement you can get !!!


Has the 2:1 calcium/magnesium ratio most often recommended for adults.
Magnesium is not only beneficial on its own but it also makes possible the deposit of calcium into bones.
In fact, seventy percent of the body’s magnesium stores are found in bones.
CALMAC Lemon also contains vitamin C and natural dried lemon juice which gives it a refreshing taste.

400 mg calcium, 200 mg magnesium and 500 mg vitamin C per serving. 

  Click here for the CAL MAC page


 Here in Boise, Idaho you can get it for less than $13 at:

The Boise Co-op
888 W. Fort Street
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 342-6652

  Click here for The Boise Co-op website



Why the US economy is getting much worse!

Find out the truth about who really caused the U.S. financial crisis.


Here is some powerfully good information
to share with those we love & care about.


How to Solve an Ethical Problem


This site contains the following information:


·       Ethics Are Reason

·       What’s This World Coming to?

·       “The Control of Impulse is the first principle of Civilization”

·       What is The Way to Happiness?

·       The Precepts of The Way to Happiness

·       Excerpts from The Way to Happiness

·       Success Stories


Click here to visit "How to Solve an Ethical Problem". Please send this page to your friends!


Creating Happy Relationships


This site contains the following information:


·       How You Can Create A Happy Relationship

·       Be Worthy Of Trust

·       Don’t Be Promiscuous

·       Happiness

·       Success Stories: Saving Relationships & Families with The Way to Happiness

·       More information about The Way to Happiness


Click here to visit "Creating Happy Relationships". Please send this page to your friends!




This site contains the following information:


·       Love And Help Children

·       Honor and Help Your Parents

·       Teaching Family Values at Home

·       What is The Way to Happiness?

·       Success & Endorsements

·       Our Children Are At Risk!


Click here to visit "Parenting". Please send this page to your friends!



Please forward this to anyone you would like to introduce THE WAY TO HAPPINESS book to.

This is a good explanation of what the book is and how to use it.

The Way to Happiness Foundation International

The Way to Happiness is now available as an e-Book!






The Way to Happiness Now Available as an e-Book!!



CyberRead is one of the largest distributors of e-Books in the world!

And now you can purchase The Way to Happiness in both

English and Spanish from CyberRead!


CyberRead - Your eBook Bookstore.  Booksellers to the Next Generation!  Offering the most popular electronic books (eBooks) and FREE eBooks in Mobipocket Formatted eBooks, Adobe eBook Reader, Microsoft Reader e-books!



The Way to Happiness
, A Common Sense Guide to Better Living


The Way To Happiness, English Edition


The Way To Happiness, Spanish Edition



The Way To Happiness Foundation International


File Size:

282 KB

Pub Date:






Adobe Acrobat PDF


With over 60 million copies in print in 38 languages, this book is the most sold and read book on the subject of happiness in the world.

The book is a guide to successful and happy living, and is great for parents, counselors, probation officers, mentors or anyone who wants to help others or is involved with grassroots community activity.

Written in a clear and easy manner, the book addresses issues of concern to society today; honesty, trust, drugs, and crime.

Buy this book now; use it to help others around you.

Testimonials - for The Way To Happiness Book



If you have any questions or need assistance, please call us at

1-800-255-7906 or 323-962-7906.


From a Government Official
"This little book is a moral and ethical miracle that we will drop in the middle of our society hoping that its message is transmitted to all social layers and every corner of our homeland. It is not a religious or political message but it is a universal message. In all parts of our country we find passions, selfishness and ambitions tending to take us away from the way to happiness. If Colombia applied the teachings of this book, it will become another peaceful, honest and respectful country. And we wouldn't be fighting this bloody war."
—HO, Minister of the Interior for Colombia

From a Parent
"I know that the common-sense guidance from The Way to Happiness has provided my children with a way to handle peer pressure and other negative influences they have come in contact with. I have observed the effectiveness of the book's messages and am so happy that I have found such a practical guide that I can use." —TB


We have countless examples of such letters

 and you can view successes and endorsements by clicking here.

"The Mission of The Way to Happiness Foundation International is to bring about a much greater degree of friendship, agreement and harmony amongst all peoples of earth."

"This Mission is accomplished by the distribution of The Way to Happiness booklet, which gives 21 common sense guidelines for life that bring people, nations and races into a better understanding with each other."

"The Way to Happiness booklet contains the formula for happier living for the individual – and for all mankind!"





If you have any questions or need assistance, please call us at

1-800-255-7906 or 323-962-7906.






The Way to Happiness International
6381 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 250
Hollywood, California 90028

Phone: (800) 255-7906   or   (323) 962-7906     Fax: (323) 962-8605

Email: info@twth.org Web site: http://www.thewaytohappiness.org/


© 2002 The Way to Happiness International. All Rights Reserved. Grateful acknowledgement is made
to L. Ron Hubbard Library for permission to reproduce selections from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard.
THE WAY TO HAPPINESS and the "Road & Sun" Design are trademarks owned by L. Ron
Hubbard Library in
the USA and in other countries (trademark registrations issued and other registrations pending) and are used with permission.



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