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All About Fun Crewing Page

Volunteer to be Official hot air balloon Crew.

We welcome Volunteers to join our Flight Crew -
You can help setup the Hot Air Balloon for the
Sunrise Launch, then help put it away at Landing.

This is a team sport we love to play.

If you qualify, we would invite you occasionally or
as often as you like - to come out and play with us.

You qualify if you...

 - Can play safe,
 - Like to have fun,
 - Are reasonably able,
 - Have transportation,
 - Love meeting people,
 - Can really work for food,
 - Enjoy learning new stuff,
 - Can follow easy instructions, and
 - not too grumpy 1/2 hour before Sunrise.

Come join us to help setup and launch the balloon at Sunrise,

then we follow the balloon to the landing site, put it away and 

return to the launch field and share in a Brunch with sandwich

fixings and drinks for the Flight Crew and Passengers.

Hot Air Balloon Flight Crew Volunteer Form

Your Name: required

Best Phone number to talk to you: required

eMail Address:

What days might you be available to come out to help.
Please mark all that apply.

Almost any day       Weekends       Weekdays

Friday         Tuesday
Saturday     Wednesday
Sunday        Thursday

You live in what part of Idaho's Treasure Valley -or-
how far from Glenwood & Chinden in Boise?

What questions or concerns might you have about volunteering?

What ballooning experience do you have already?


Note: After the Submit button is pressed you will be asked

to enter the characters you see on the next screen.

This assures that a real person (you) and not a computer program,

has submitted this form.

To CREW with us in BOISE fill out and Submit the above form,

or call Sandi at (208) 322-8626

Yes! You can join in on the FUN and meet interesting people
from all over the world!

It is really easy too! Check out the training pages below.

If you are good with people, can follow simple instructions and
most of all can have FUN, then you qualify.

We also provide a Brunch with sandwich fixings and for those that
help consistantly there is a Balloon Ride in your future!

We would love to hear from you.

Here below is a link to some training pages you can study.

This is not our balloon but the instructions are close to what we do.

Do not worry, we will teach you the basics when you come out to help.


Click here for the Crew Training pages!

Do you have favorite crewing picture? We can post it here!

Send us files attached to e-mail or hand us pictures or files on floppy or CD-ROM.

The best formats for me are GIFs and JPGs.

Here are some from Trudy.
The Idaho Make a Wish 2002 balloon rally.

Here is Shawna Brown the organizer of these annual Idaho Make A Wish balloon rallys.
This year presented by the newly formed balloonist association, Balloons Over Idaho. Home Page

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