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Hot Air Balloon Association

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You may already have an interest in aviation but perhaps you have not yet discovered the joy and excitement of Hot Air Ballooning. If this is the case let us share with you our enthusiasm for what we regard as the ultimate sport and recreation.

Balloon shadow in green field About the Association

The balloon association - Balloons Over Idaho - was initially formed to organize annual Safety Seminars for the area balloonists and to get together monthly to visit and have a good time in the process.

Our annual Safety Seminars are usually in February.

We also plan competitions and fun events with BBQs and Chili cooking contests. We have also established relationships with local governmental agencies and organizations like the FAA - Boise FSDO, Boise Airport Air Traffic Control, Flight Service, local Police Departments, etc.

We would love to meet and visit with you no matter your level of interest in Hot Air Ballooning, whether it be as an observer, a launch/chase crew member, student pilot or you want to get fully trained to fly a balloon!

Come to the next meeting and check it out. You will not be disappointed!

Hello other FAA rated Pilots

In fact, if you are a fixed-wing pilot and the medicals are becoming a hassle, check out paragraph (b) of this section FAR 61.23 (b);(1),(2),(3)&(4).

You can come fly with us balloonists without those medicals to worry about.

Our General Meetings are generally on 3rd Wednesdays at 7:00pm - check the website for the actual schedule.

For details and more information please check out the association website -

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