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We are Retired from Ballooning

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We have Retired from ballooning.

Our balloon is SOLD.

We are no longer providing balloon rides.

  Wind Song - Hot Air Balloon  

CREW FUN - Click here for Information about Crewing for a balloon.

Click here for a different gradient of meteorological information.

These weather links are typically for the professional balloon pilot.

The focus is on the Synoptic scale, but also the Sub-Synoptic Mesoscale
and Microscale; all concentric to the Boise, Idaho area.

Check out the Boise, Idaho local Balloon Association - Balloons Over Idaho

HotAirBallooning.com - Hot air ballooning resource provides
information about the sport, including how-to's, event listings, etc.

AVIATION TOP 100 - www.avitop.comAvitop.com Click Aviation Top 100 for all kinds of
Aviation information for all kinds of flying.

Refresh this page to see another of 256 aircraft pictures.

Thirty Thousand Feet - Aviation Directory

Click here and check out the BalloonZone
for history, links and more !


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